Before i start I have to be honest with you, I LOVE SEX ... I love everything about it, the build up, the thoughts that race through our heads at a thousand miles per hour, the rush of blood that goes through our veins when, we are thinking about what your going to do, how are sense's and touch react to the physical contact of another person.The idea of ​​two people consuming each other and getting lost in each other is simply  IRRESISTIBLE. I love the  warmth  of my  lovers  body next to me, pulling me in  tight, holding me close and feeling their heartbeat, pulsating,  pounding  , feeling their  breath on my neck, the warmth of their breath on my NAKED body, It sends my body into a SEXUAL SPASM that i wish would last forever.SEX, be it slow PASSIONATE love making or simply WILD animalistac SEX, a quick hard FUCK against a wall , i am truly INSATIABLE. Its like the best drug you have ever tried because it simply makes you DESIRE it every time you have it makes you WANT, no, it makes you NEED more.I find